Healthy, Energetic and Learning to Water Ski!

Mary here.. It’s so relaxing being here at Christine’s parents’ house in Seneca, South Carolina. They live right on a lake, in a beautiful area and their very generous next door neighbors offered to take us out on their boat to teach us how to water ski. Well, it worked for everyone but me. I was so frustrated and embarrassed that I could not get up on those damn skis! I’m going to try to find a place to take lessons in LA when we are back home, and I am determined that the next time I’m visiting her parents, I not only get up on those skis, but I water ski for hours without falling!!!

Christine here…Water skiing was definitely an accomplishment for me. I did feel bad for Mary though because she tried so hard to get up on those skis! I don’t think I could have done it when I was 25 pounds heavier and without all the extra energy and health benefits I’m experiencing now. I was so sore the next day because I used muscles that I haven’t used in years, but it felt fantastic to accomplish something so physically demanding! I’ll never forget capping off a 60 day juice fast with learning to water ski. Going through this juicing experience not only changes your body, it changes your beliefs about what’s possible!

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