13 Days After Breaking the Fast – Guacamole Recipe

Mary here… In an effort to eat foods that contain NO OIL, Christine is making her awesome guacamole recipe. This is delicious with veggies! Try it. There are so many healthy foods that taste great. I’ve noticed that after the 60 Day Juice fast, my food desires have changed. I’m not really caring about grains, flour, sugar or coffee. I did however, have a bit of a craving for coffee this morning, while we were at the farmer’s market. But I did not have it and I was glad that I didn’t. I probably would have gotten a wicked headache. I’m basically wanting on a daily basis, juice, salad, beans, and mushrooms. I’m totally satisfied eating just those things right now. It’s so wonderful to be eating again. And the weight is staying off..in fact I’m continuing to lose weight very slowly, which is how I want to do it.


  • YUMMY! This looks so good! Im going to try and make it soon! Thanks for the video!

  • Thanks for the great recipe! I’ll have to try that one after my juice fast. I just completed day 3 of my 60 day juice fast, and I’ve really enjoyed watching your videos. I’m happy to hear you haven’t gained any weight back since breaking your fast. You both look terriffic! How much weight did you each lose? Your experience and results have definately inspired me to do this!

    • Thanks for your comment. It has been a relatively easy transition to eating and we are still really craving veggies and plant based foods, which is what we have been eating. Congratulations on doing your juice fast. I know you will be happy you did it. By the last day of our fast we each lost 25 pounds. I lost 6 inches in my waist and about 11 percent body fat. I am ecstatic with the physical results, which keep improving, but I’m even happier with the way I feel about myself, really proud and very fulfilled that I am finally living my dream of amazing health! We both wish you the best on your journey. Please keep us posted! – Christine

    • That was a beautiful blog entry! You are doing so great, pieecsally with this busy schedule of yours! I totally agree with you that doing a fast together with a(n online) group of people makes it easier, pieecsally if someone like Natasha is guiding and I really value your support. Knowing you are still continuing this juicefast, motivates me to also continue and do my best.

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