60 Day Juice Fast – ONE WEEK!!!!

Christine here…wow, I can’t believe it was so easy to do a whole week of juicing! I have to say I’m pretty satisfied and only start to feel hungry if I don’t drink enough water or too much time goes by before another juice. Mary makes the best juices, but sometimes I like to wing it rather than follow a recipe and those  don’t always come out that tasty, but I know through trial and error I will come up with some good ones. One trick I discovered is never put too many greens in one drink or it tastes too bitter! Rather, hide the greens with other veggies and fruits like beets and carrots (which are sweet), cucumber or any kind of fruit. Lemons and ginger work the best to cut the bitter taste of greens, and oranges, apples and strawberries work really well to sweeten it. So far I have lost a total of 5.5 lbs this week (I gained back a pound between days 4 and 5 and lost it again between 6 and 7, not sure why). It’s really kind of freeing, not to have to think about cooking at all. I realized today that food and meals play such a big role in life. I do miss the occasional eating out and looking forward to my favorite meals and treats a little. But I don’t miss the constant thinking about what I’m going to make for lunch or dinner. This process is really freeing my thoughts and making me get to know myself better, without constantly thinking about food. I also noticed we haven’t watched TV in several days and I’ve been happy just to read or go for an evening walk. I’ve been reading all kinds of good stuff online about juice fasting and how after about 2 weeks you begin detoxing your blood and organs. That’s only one week away! On to week 2…

Mary here…I didn’t realize that Christine worried so much about what to prepare for meals. I am appreciating even more right now all the effort she puts into our food and especially our health. I swear I don’t know what I’d do without her!I am working on a project for our friend, Karen Sands…am now in editing hell, as I’m trying to figure out how to work with a particular file she sent me…ugh..very frustrating..but rewarding when it all works out. I know I haven’t had enough water today..have to remember to drink tons more tomorrow. Otherwise, feeling pretty good..very exciting to have completed one week already!

Day 5

Mary here..Another good day. I’ve been feeling really OK with all this juicing. I have energy, my mind is clear and I feel excited about what lies ahead, even though I don’t know what that will be. I opened my Akashic Records this morning. The energy from my ‘helpers’ was so subtle, I wasn’t sure I was accessing them correctly..that is until they started to ‘speak’ to me..wow…really profound stuff! Christine and I have begun to walk our ‘babies’ (our dogs) at night..one mile, so we’ve begun to integrate exercise into our fast. There’s another aspect to this juicing process that I have not heard people talk about yet..it has to do with feelings, sensations and emotions that are not physical..it’s hard to explain, but I ‘feel’ different, in a good way. I’m feeling positive about everything, in a way I haven’t in years! And I’m beginning to ‘let go’ of personal beliefs that have simply not been working for me, especially around my career. I had  a successful (3 Emmy Awards) 30-year career in network television, which came to a screeching halt seven years ago. I was not willing to let go of my attachment to my belief that my talents could only be applied in that arena…wrong..I’m in a transition right now, one that I know will land me in a fantastic place. I can’t see it right now, but I’m OK with it. Juicing is stirring up lots of luscioius stuff!

Christine here…Yes, a great day for me as well. Our friend John watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead last night and called this morning to say he was so inspired that he and his girlfriend would be starting the juice fast today! Four on the shift! I went out for the first time this morning to my chiropractor extraordinaire, Dr. Stan Henderson of White Light Chiropractic. He is one of only a few that practice the Pettibon System, which is a method of retraining your spine back to it’s natural curves. It’s an incredible process and Dr. Stan is brilliant and very evolved. I go once every other week now and my back feels better than it ever has, curves are back, no more, aches and pains, no more hunching over, only the supple, flexible spine of my younger years. It’s the perfect complement to a juicing detox…oh the joy of  “youth-ing”! Dr. Stan’s wife Kim was excited about our 60-day juice fast. She said we could probably expect many changes, aside from the physical ones. I already feel it. Today is day 5 and no hunger to speak of, just delicious juicing. The best part is how I feel mentally and emotionally. I feel empowered, vibrant and focused. I booked a regional T.V. voice over commercial today which I will record tomorrow. So, now  it’s off to bed for me and up early for my first “work day” on the fast. I have no doubt it will be a breeze and I am sure that my work will be better than ever. Feeling more like me and lovin’ it!

Day 4 – Independence Day!

Yep…it’s a Holiday..Mary here..feeling really nice today. I’m relaxing inside, because it is sooo hot out. It’s a strange feeling, this juicing..not a bad feeling..just strange. I have already lost 5 1/2 pounds! Amazing! I weighed 171.5 when we started just 4 days ago…I’m now 166…I’m luvin’ it! I can really feel my body absorbing the nutrients..it’s like a mild vibration..really cool. I’m going to do an Akashic Records session. I have been reading several books by Linda Howe on how to access the Akashic Records. They are basically the blueprint of each individual’s soul, including all information about our past lives, our soul’s journey through time. Working in the Records is such a Sacred & Divine space. I have been practicing going into my Records, as well as the Records of friends, and the results have been amazing. It’s not channeling. It’s different. It’s a very subtle shift into a Divine space where I actually receive information that is so profound. I’m honored to be doing this and sense that it is was a ‘calling’.

Christine here…I feel really relaxed today. Recorded a voice over audition in my little vocal booth (really a walk-in closet) and spent the afternoon reading my book. No, not “The China Study” or another nutrition book, which is my usual fare, but a historical novel called “The White Queen”, written by Phillipa Gregory. Mary did several Akashic Readings for me and I found I needed to start reading fiction to spark my imagination. I, have never been a fiction reader, although I have read many plays, and since my reading a month ago I have finished 3 books, the last one being 642 pages! I love to read now! A lot of transformation taking place here, physically, mentally and spiritually. Today has been a great day. No hunger and feeling really energized. We are going to go for a long walk tonight with the dogs when it cools down. It’s been over 100 degrees the past several days! I really believe now that we can do this for sixty days!


Day 3

Mary here…this is a good day. I still do not have a headache or any detox/withdrawal symptoms, especially since stopping coffee cold turkey. Yeah! Our dear friend John Rowinski came over for a visit. He is an amazing massage therapist whose work centers on massage and lymphatic therapy and has been studying various other healing modalities. His link is on the right. Then our friend Clare came over to hang out with us. We gave her some of our ‘solid’ food to eat, so we don’t have to throw it away. Clare is an wonderful friend and on a similar spiritual path that Christine and I are on, so it’s always so special to have her here. I’m also so grateful to be in our beautiful home. It’s such a peaceful place, partly thanks to our Feng Shui master and friend, Solange Mikucki. Our entire home is ‘Feng-Shui’d’ and there isn’t a single person that walks in our door without commenting on the peacegul, loving energy in our home. Solange is extremely talented and sought after. Her link is also on the right here.
Tomorrow is July 4th!

Peaceful & Calm – Day 2

Mary here..I had a bit of a light-headed day, but I have to admit it felt kinda nice. And no headache from stopping the coffee, which I’m thrilled about. I can actually feel my body vibrating with the nutrients from the juices. It’s like I am listening to my body for the first time and it’s loving me back..pretty wild. I’m realizing that we as humans bop along in life and just assume that our bodies will follow along with whatever we do to them. To some extent this is true, as our bodies are so resilient, but then those toxins build up, and we forget what it feels like to be and feel healthy. I’m starting to feel it coming back. What a profound experience this is. Christine and I spent a few hours at Barnes & Noble today. It was so calm..so nice to just move through the various books and ‘get lost’. This was a great day…

Christine here…I felt much more alive this morning than I usually do, no sleepy, foggy, wishing I could go back to sleep. I had three juices by 2PM and while we were at B&N had an herbal tea and no hunger at all. Felt just a little tingly and calm and peaceful. Read some of Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s book “Eat to Live” and gained even more knowledge about a whole-food plant-based diet and how it’s really the answer to living a long, healthy and vibrant life. Also been reading “The China Study” by T. Colin Campbell. He’s like the godfather of plant-based eating as a way to heal all disease. He’s currently featured in the film Forks Over Knives. Check it out at www.forksoverknives.com. All is well. I’m feeling so optimistic about the possibilities! On to day three!

Day 1-On Our Way to Skinny and Healthy!

We just completed our first day of a (hopefully) 60-day juice fast. Yikes! Stomachs are growling, as much as we’re growling at each other, but we’re excited we made it through our first day.
We were inspired to action after seeing the Joe Cross documentary, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. Check it out at www.fatsickandnearlydead.com. And away we go!

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