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  • Your both looking great! Do you have a Facebook or Twitter page to follow? I start Monday 7-11! Wish me luck!!

  • I find your vlog very interesting. Things to consider if you’re not feeling well 1) You may be detoxing.2) You may be sensitive to something you’re juicing.3) Your blood sugar may be dropping too much (causing nausea &heart palpitations) from excess insulin (slowing weight loss). Use more greens & less fruit (low GI & fructose). Sixty days is a long time to have blood sugar issues. 4) Puree greens & fruit instead of juicing to keep fiber to steady blood sugar levels.5) Try drinking the less juice but more often. Try 8 oz every couple of hours. 6) Dilute juice w/ water. Please watch this vid concerning fructose and the need for fiber with it watch?v=dBnniua6-oM (it is long & boring.You can start vid @ 1:12:00 & probably get info you need).Watch “Supercharge Me” . Those with blood sugar concerns were given more green juices, less fruit. Thanks for sharing your journey with us!

  • I just wanted to know about the juicer…I have been researching juicer’s and looking up the reviews. One thing I am seeing about the Hurom is that it has pieces that break very easily and often. I am curious to know if this has been a problem for you guys. I dont want to spend the money on something that I am gonna have problems with. I have saved up to buy a juicer to start my journey and I cannot afford to buy the wrong juicer. Thank you guys so much for all of the inspiration.

  • Thank you are blogging about your journey. Me and my girlfriend have just bought a juicer and want to begin. Well, we haven’t decided if we want to completely juice, or to incorporate raw fruits and vegetable into everyday juicing. But we are have a problem finding a good source to get good recipes, or perhaps a shopping list from. Any suggestions? gives you daily recipes, however there are not a lot of just juicing recipes. Thanks for your help.

  • Hi, Christine & Mary! I just want to thank you both for doing the video blogs of of your 60 day juice fast. I am currently at the end of day 18 of my 60 day juice fast. I have watched, I think, all of your videos, and I find myself going back and re-watching some along the way. I appreciate you “keeping it real” by sharing the highs and lows of your journey. I am already finding that some days are almost euphoric, while others are closer to “feeling vaguely blue.” Also physical highs and lows and moments of heightened spiritual sensitivity. Some days the issues are completely physical and at other times, it does indeed feel like a mind game. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks. You both look great, BTW! To our health!

    • There are only a few reviews for this on Amazon. I ceaphrsud this machine yesterday. It was not from Amazon. I think the Juice is excellent. The machine is very easy to set up and clean. My problem is that two fold. First I am not sure the screen will hold up for the long haul. My second is that I just juiced a Pineapple and half of it was froth. The same goes with Beets, carrots,Apples etc . It also seems to suddenly slam the fruit into the top of the machine. The pulp does not go into the basket also. The pulp from carrots is much dryer than other fruits. The other fruit pulp can be squeezed by hand. It is like I wish I had a press as a back up to press the pulp. It is a waste in my opinion to have so much pulp left over and then all that froth. Look I have done research on a lot of juicers and for the price this one seemed to be great. It is a centrifuge juicer and I realize they are at the bottom of the line as far as juicers go. I am going to return my juicer tomorrow and go for the big bucks. I am going to purchase a twin screw triturator and maybe with a press. I just do not like all that froth and with produce being so expensive I am sure the savings will pay for the more expensive machine. Recap: If you do not mind all the froth and wet pulp??? It is your choice. Cleaning and assembly is a breeze. However you will probably have to disassemble it and clean it twice before you can make a quart of juice(or more???). The pulp does not go into the pulp basket instead it gets stuck on the top of the inside before it makes it into the basket. Then there is that nasty froth again ..What can I say???? I also tried the both speeds to see if that would help. Does not help. Good luck. I hope this was helpful??? Wish I read my review before my purchase .

  • You two are an inspiration, and I’m thankful to you for your insight and daily feedback while on your journey. Me and my best friend began our journey 17 days ago with a 60-75 day goal. We have watched a lot of your vids and have gleaned a lot of great information. THANKS for sharing!

  • Hi, Christine & Mary, I just found your site and I am thrilled to be here, I started My 60 day Juice Fast on Jan. 10… YAHOO!!! I’m so excited, not to mention about 40 lbs lighter 🙂 Now, I’m in panick mode because I will be taking my first bite of food on March 9 and I don’t know where to begin. I’m wanting to do a 6 month plant based diet but I’m worried that I don’t know exactly what that all includes…I want variety for sure! if you could give me some pointers or steer me in the right direction that would be fabulous and Thank you so much for you Blog!

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