Vegan Life

Our journey has led us to embracing a Vegan lifestyle. I had a tougher time making this transition than Christine did but I am so happy I have! I am a blood type O, so have spent most of my life eating meat. If I can be a Vegan, anyone can! When we were doing our 60-day juice fast, I noticed that my meat cravings totally disappeared. Being a Vegan is so much more than simply not eating animals. I remember times when I would eat a steak and feel emotionally upset after. I didn’t know why. Then I realized one day that I was experiencing the sadness, on a cellular level,  of the animal I was eating. After years of researching the meat industry and learning about how the meat gets to our table, I shifted with ease into being a Vegan. I’m tired of the dinner conversations where people pronounce, “I need my animal protein!” I used to remain quiet when this happened, but now I speak up. I am not an activist. To me, activism creates a bigger divide between differing belief systems. I believe in the rights of all living beings, and I cannot understand how we, as a human race have given ourselves the power to put other living beings ‘below’ us. What is happening every day in our slaughterhouses is horrendous. I am committed to spending the rest of my days on this earth lovingly ‘teaching’ others how we can not choose to participate in this continuing torture. I also believe that this is creating a mass negative karma on our beautiful earth. All I can do every day is bless and thank all animals that are tortured into horrible deaths. My heart breaks for them.


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