5 Days after Breaking the Fast – A Much Needed Rest!

Mary here… We are sorry for being MIA. Christine and I have been taking a much needed break. We are visiting her parents in Seneca, South Carolina, to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. We’re continuing to eat very healthy and have been spreading the good information about food, health and wellness. Christine’s mom is really trying to get on board. I am so proud of her. She is getting a juicer and has already begun to eliminate dairy and meat from her diet. My favorite story is about Olivia, Christine’s 7-year old niece who loves juicing. This video explains it all.


  • Hi, Just a question about the coffee enema. do you notice liver bile every day (been excreted)? or just every other? or only sometimes? Thanks. Reason I ask. I did a kind of one day liver (and gall bladder) cleanse and noticed a lot of bile. When i did my first coffee enema on juice fasting I noticed there was some bile but none in subsequent days. so just asking for feedback on your experiences.
    did you use a filtered coffee maker for the enemas? The Gerson and a lot of others talk about 3 minute (pot) boil then 15 minute simmer (in pot, then filter) for the enemas (not a coffee filter method). Do you think your method makes any difference? I heard in a Gerson audiobook was that boiling with the lid off gets rid of oils in the coffee. I’m not sure if either way makes any difference to the caffeine in the mixture. Comment? 🙂 one youtube video I found for another user did have a filtered coffee enema system but said make sure you don’t use bleached filters.
    I’m just interested in your comments. juice fasting, enemas, relaxing, walking then you have to fit in work, kids, interaction with other people to keep alive. We always look to the most efficient way to do this. So spending 10 minutes on an enema compared to 45 can make a difference if your already juicing in all the other spare time! with my love Jason

    • Hi Jason,
      Well let me see if I can address all of your points here. First about the coffee enemas…Mary will be posting a video very soon of our phone call with Dr. Rogers (our doctor who has been curing people of cancer for over 30 years using GersonPlus Therapy including coffee enemas) in which he discusses the enemas and how to do them. However, in answer to your question, we have never noticed any bile coming out during the enemas. As for how to heat the coffee, the best way I’m sure is to boil and simmer the way you describe, we did it that way at my mom’s house because she doesn’t have a stainless steel filter in her coffee pot. However, you do lose quite a bit of water that way so you may have to add water at the end. Dr. Rogers told us that it’s perfectly acceptable to use a coffee machine with a stainless steel filter, so that’s how we do it. You’re right, you must not use paper filters if you are using a drip machine! As far as the caffeine, it does not ever get into the blood through an enema so you do not get the same stimulant effect that you do from drinking coffee. As far as time spent, Dr. Rogers actually recommends 3 enemas a day for the best results. However, we find that it’s only possible for us to fit in one a day. We usually do it at the end of the day and use that time also for meditating/relaxing. As for the juicing, that doesn’t take up any more time that making meals, so, for us, that easily fit right into our day. Hope this helps. Are you juicing now? Definitely keep us posted! All the best – Christine

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