Day 60 ALL DONE!

Mary here… Yay, we are finally there! It’s nearly twelve midnight and we are complete. Tomorrow we will blog about how the first day goes…very slowly introducing food back into our diets. I’m so happy about what we have accomplished. We are definitely going to continue sharing how we will now eat differently. We are going to next apply all the terrific knowledge we have about living a healthy life free from disease, by continuing to blog what we are eating and how we will be incorporating exercise, and will be sharing with you all fantastic recipes as we discover them. We are looking into doing live streaming shows, so please stay with us. This will enable us to directly communicate with all who join the live stream. Thank you all for your continued support throughout this 60 Day Juice Fast! We could not have done it without all of you. There were times that we wanted to quit, but did not because we didn’t want to disappoint everyone who was rooting for us, so you see it really does become a team when you take on something like this and share the journey!

In gratitude!

Christine here…Wow, I am really in awe that we have accomplished something so amazing. What feels even better is knowing that we have shared our process with everyone who came to our blog and watched our videos on YouTube. It really does show that having support and sharing your experience makes it easier. Knowing we had to do these blogs and videos really made me feel motivated to keep going. Also, the amazing results that I have seen from this fast have been incredibly motivating as well. I almost don’t want it to end, although I know that this is just the beginning of a wonderful journey. As Mary said, we will continue to share our experience, “after the fast”. I just want to say that anyone who is thinking about doing a juice fast, or if you are in the middle of one, go for it! It’s a life changing experience!

In joy!


  • You made it!!! Congratulations! What a huge accomplishment – you both have been a huge inspiration and a big help! Just nine days behind you, you both gave me a window of what to expect at different stages of the juice fast. Will be watching to see just how your transition goes back into solid food. Thanks so much for sharing a part of your life and journey!

  • So inspiring!

  • There’s no better way to say it – CONGRATULATIONS! You are both true inspirations.

    When I start feeling sick of juice or just tired of the ups and downs of this process (I’m at day 25), I start perusing your blog and videos and I get inspired. Don’t ever think you are alone or not impacting the masses out there in Cyber world, because you are.

    Enjoy chewing!

    • Fasting for detox seems counterintuitive to me. When you don’t eat, your body tries to svecnroe everything it possibly can because it thinks you’re starving. How is that helping toxins get out? I am really excited to see the results of your tests at the end of this to get some data on these methods.On the “Hangry” note (great term, by the way!) I finally kicked my hangry swings when I got the overgrown yeast out of my gut. They were eating all my food and leaving none for me! YMMV, but sugar, refined carbs, and juices fed them, which increased my hunger/mood swings. Cutting down on those and getting regular fat and protein in my diet allows me to go more than a couple hours between feedings and also means I can feel appetite without proceeding immediately to hangry.

  • Congratulations ladies! And thank you for letting us watch your amazing journey. So glad you’re going to continue! 🙂

    • Before my Hawaii trip last fall I fasted every other day for a week. Dinner one day, akebrfast and lunch the next. It was actually really easy and helped reduce some of my stomach issues. The hardest part was when I had eaten akebrfast and lunch…it was really hard not to eat dinner those days.

  • Great job you two. Congratulations. I am now on day 51 of my own juice fast journey which I am doing alone. Followed your posts and videos religiously as they were of great assistance to me. Just knowing you were out there talking about the ups and downs of your fast helped me through some of the more difficult times of my own, so I want to thank you both very much for sharing your lives so generously.

  • I am so very proud of you both!

    Your videos have been a joy to watch. I have just completed day 26 of my 60-day juice fast. I feel great and haven’t had any issues. The first day was the hardest for me. I have been thinking a lot about food lately and how I plan to break the fast. Thanks for sharing the information about breaking an extended fast. I have a ways to go but like the idea of getting my mind prepared for the next phase. It’s all good!

  • Thank you for sharing your 60 day juice fast with us! I am on day 16 and I have to say I feel I have gotten to know the two of you through your journey and it has been inspiring and helps me since I am juicing alone. I love the two of you together and thank your for sharing.

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