15 Days After the Fast – FDA may regulate Vitamins & Supplements?

Mary here… I wanted to pass on important information about a Washington-based organization called the Alliance for Natural Health, which has alerted us about the upcoming possibility of the FDA regulating our vitamins and supplements. Companies that manufacture our vitamins and supplements may be forced out of business and consumers may not be able to obtain them. This is serious. Look for the link to the Alliance for Natural Health under “Our Favorites” where you can get information about what you can do.

The Alliance for Natural Health USA (ANH-USA) is part of an international organization dedicated to promoting sustainable health and freedom of choice in healthcare through good science and good law. They protect the right of natural-health practitioners to practice and the right of consumers to choose the healthcare options they prefer. Since 1992, ANH has worked to shift the medical paradigm from an exclusive focus on surgery, drugs, and other conventional techniques to an “integrative” approach incorporating functional foods, dietary supplements, and lifestyle changes. ANH believes this is the way to improve health and extend lives while reducing the costs of healthcare back to a sustainable level.

ANH-USA is committed to sustainable health, the recognition that our environment and our physical health are inextricably related. If we run out of clean water to drink, pure air to breathe or nutritious and uncontaminated food to eat, or if through our prescription drugs and vaccines we are poisoned by mercury or phthalates, our physical health will suffer.

Sustainable health also applies the environmental ethic of conservation to our bodies. It urges us to live as nature intended us to live. Diet, dietary supplements, exercise, and the avoidance of toxins are especially important tools in building and maintaining health.

Today, preventive medicine is too often defined as taking more and more drugs at an earlier and earlier age, even in childhood. The concept of sustainable health is real preventive medicine and will dramatically reduce healthcare costs.

ANH-USA ensures your right to choose a sustainable and preventive approach to health along with nutritional and “integrative” healthcare. They lobby Congress and state legislatures, act as a government watchdog, file comments on proposed rulings, and educate the public, press and other decision-makers.

13 Days After Breaking the Fast – Guacamole Recipe

Mary here… In an effort to eat foods that contain NO OIL, Christine is making her awesome guacamole recipe. This is delicious with veggies! Try it. There are so many healthy foods that taste great. I’ve noticed that after the 60 Day Juice fast, my food desires have changed. I’m not really caring about grains, flour, sugar or coffee. I did however, have a bit of a craving for coffee this morning, while we were at the farmer’s market. But I did not have it and I was glad that I didn’t. I probably would have gotten a wicked headache. I’m basically wanting on a daily basis, juice, salad, beans, and mushrooms. I’m totally satisfied eating just those things right now. It’s so wonderful to be eating again. And the weight is staying off..in fact I’m continuing to lose weight very slowly, which is how I want to do it.

Christine Gets Mom to Eat Healthy!

Christine here…Mary and I spent the past week on a much needed vacation visiting my parents at their house on the lake. It’s their 5oth anniversary and we came to celebrate their accomplishment and ours with them. We brought our juicer and my mom liked the juices and our results so much that she decided to get a juicer of her own. Here we talk about a healthier lifestyle and how it’s easier for some people to make the shift than it is for others.

Healthy, Energetic and Learning to Water Ski!

Mary here.. It’s so relaxing being here at Christine’s parents’ house in Seneca, South Carolina. They live right on a lake, in a beautiful area and their very generous next door neighbors offered to take us out on their boat to teach us how to water ski. Well, it worked for everyone but me. I was so frustrated and embarrassed that I could not get up on those damn skis! I’m going to try to find a place to take lessons in LA when we are back home, and I am determined that the next time I’m visiting her parents, I not only get up on those skis, but I water ski for hours without falling!!!

Christine here…Water skiing was definitely an accomplishment for me. I did feel bad for Mary though because she tried so hard to get up on those skis! I don’t think I could have done it when I was 25 pounds heavier and without all the extra energy and health benefits I’m experiencing now. I was so sore the next day because I used muscles that I haven’t used in years, but it felt fantastic to accomplish something so physically demanding! I’ll never forget capping off a 60 day juice fast with learning to water ski. Going through this juicing experience not only changes your body, it changes your beliefs about what’s possible!

5 Days after Breaking the Fast – A Much Needed Rest!

Mary here… We are sorry for being MIA. Christine and I have been taking a much needed break. We are visiting her parents in Seneca, South Carolina, to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. We’re continuing to eat very healthy and have been spreading the good information about food, health and wellness. Christine’s mom is really trying to get on board. I am so proud of her. She is getting a juicer and has already begun to eliminate dairy and meat from her diet. My favorite story is about Olivia, Christine’s 7-year old niece who loves juicing. This video explains it all.

2 Days After Breaking the Fast

Christine here…We started the day feeling great, no bloating, that went away overnight! We had a juice in the morning and some fruit. I think Mary ate some tomato and cucumber. Later we had another juice, some salad with chick pea tahini dressing that I made. We also had homemade guacamole with raw cauliflower and raw zucchini “pasta” with oil-free pesto sauce made with roasted eggplant instead of olive oil. Everything was eaten in tiny quantities of course and it was all super delicious. I am feeling a little discomfort. I may have to back off on the beans and cauliflower a little. The food still tastes like heaven. Can’t wait for Day 3 after the fast!

Day 61 First Food!

Christine here…Our first day eating went pretty well. I’m feeling a little bloated in my stomach, probably just from the fiber which my body is not used to yet. I will keep doing the coffee breaks for a little extra help getting everything through to the other side! Today we kept it simple with raw veggies and some steamed spinach and broccoli with black beans. It might have been a little early to eat the beans, but we only ate a tiny amount and the food tasted fantastic! I think we’ll keep eating…I like it.

Day 60 ALL DONE!

Mary here… Yay, we are finally there! It’s nearly twelve midnight and we are complete. Tomorrow we will blog about how the first day goes…very slowly introducing food back into our diets. I’m so happy about what we have accomplished. We are definitely going to continue sharing how we will now eat differently. We are going to next apply all the terrific knowledge we have about living a healthy life free from disease, by continuing to blog what we are eating and how we will be incorporating exercise, and will be sharing with you all fantastic recipes as we discover them. We are looking into doing live streaming shows, so please stay with us. This will enable us to directly communicate with all who join the live stream. Thank you all for your continued support throughout this 60 Day Juice Fast! We could not have done it without all of you. There were times that we wanted to quit, but did not because we didn’t want to disappoint everyone who was rooting for us, so you see it really does become a team when you take on something like this and share the journey!

In gratitude!

Christine here…Wow, I am really in awe that we have accomplished something so amazing. What feels even better is knowing that we have shared our process with everyone who came to our blog and watched our videos on YouTube. It really does show that having support and sharing your experience makes it easier. Knowing we had to do these blogs and videos really made me feel motivated to keep going. Also, the amazing results that I have seen from this fast have been incredibly motivating as well. I almost don’t want it to end, although I know that this is just the beginning of a wonderful journey. As Mary said, we will continue to share our experience, “after the fast”. I just want to say that anyone who is thinking about doing a juice fast, or if you are in the middle of one, go for it! It’s a life changing experience!

In joy!

Day 59 Only one more day on our juicing journey!

Christine here…Today is the second to last day in our countdown to the end of our 60 day juicing journey. I have to admit that I’m feeling very emotional as I write these words. It’s been quite a journey, one that I will never forget. I feel that my life will never be the same after this juice fast. I’m so grateful that we found the documentary, “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” that inspired us to take this path. I’m so excited about what’s to come. We’ve already been doing lots of research and stocking up vegan recipes and vegan blogs and websites for support. We will be sharing all of this new information as we go, so it’s not over after day 60…this is just the beginning!

Mary here.. Yes. It does feel a little weird to be so near the end, but I’m THRILLED! We watched a special on CNN tonight featuring President Clinton..all about heart disease and reversing it through a whole food, plant-based diet. Dr. Dean Ornish, Clinton doc, was also featured. This was way important that CNN chose to dedicate one hour to this life-changing information. I’m so happy.


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